Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bangkok 2014 Pics

Introducing the audience to Matchmoving.

Setting up

Getting around Bangkok

Morning, what a view.

Picked up a suit

and back home.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Guest Speaker at Bangkok International Digital Content Festival

Heading to Bangkok in a couple of days to speak at this event. I hope to bring back some interesting pics and hopefully would of met some interesting contacts. Drop me a line if your in the area.!animation/cx5

Comic Con Bangkok is on at the same time in the same building.

Some onset pics from the WWI and WWII 2 TV Pilot shot in Beaudesert QLD

DaVinci Resolve 11 Training with Warren Eagles

I just did a training workshop with Warren Eagles from ICA.

Loved it, I'm looking forward to getting into this a bit more seriously especially on some of my own upcoming projects.

Black Magic Davinci Resolve 11 Beta has just recently released.